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2015 Solar Eclipse from Somerset

I managed to take a few of photos of the long awaited 2015 solar eclipse this morning. The cloud cover was perfect, allowing me to set the camera up without filters to snap the moon drifting in front of the sun. I had my 200mm lens with 2x teleconverter set up and manually adjusted the settings. Used ISO50 and various shutter speeds and apertures.

Photoshop Action - Vintage Fade

Faded Vintage Photoshop Action

I recently realised I spend a considerable amount of time repeating steps to create the same effect in multiple images. So I’ve started playing around with creating actions in Photoshop to save me a bit of time whilst keeping all my images consistent. I’m not sure why I’ve not done this sooner… (perhaps I just enjoy the process too much?) I’ve promised myself to keep on top of things regarding naming of Actions, Layers and Adjustments – It’s so easy to let that slide and end up forever trying to find the adjustment layer that altered the setting you are […]