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Hotrod Hayride 13

After months of waiting and stupid excitement the weekend of the Cialis Canadian pharmacy Hotrod Hayride 13 has passed… the photos are all online, don’t forget to follow my Instagram for shots you might not see in the main galleries – We had a fantastic weekend despite the weather, it was great to meet so many people and have the chance to photograph them and their cars. Get me to the gallery…

Clio V6 at Castle Combe

Track Day at Castle Combe

Photos from the Castle Combe track day on the 24th May are now online… What a great selection of cars – See the gallery and purchase prints here… Castle Combe Track Day Photos  

The new website!

Thanks to everyone for your patience the last few weeks… I’ve been working hard on the final push to get the site finished… it’s getting close so please stay tuned. I’ll be adding more features and product options, more Fine Art prints to the shop, working out a series of Limited Edition launch prints and maybe even running a competition. Outside of redesigning the site buy viagra online it’s been a busy month. The Ile Youth & Community Centre in Ilminster organised a Casino Royale themed fundraising night at the Shrubbery Hotel in Ilminster and I was photographer for the […]