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Norway 2011

In November 2011, myself and Ian – a fellow photographer made our way to Norway. Starting with a few days in Oslo, a short flight to Tromso in the artic circle chasing the northern lights and then back down for a final couple of days in Oslo, racing around on citybikes.

Norway-Oslo-Tromso-043  Norway-Oslo-Tromso-042 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-041 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-040 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-039


Norway-Oslo-Tromso-037 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-035 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-034 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-033 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-032  Norway-Oslo-Tromso-030 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-029 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-028 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-027 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-026 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-025 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-024 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-023  Norway-Oslo-Tromso-021 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-020 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-019 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-018 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-017 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-016 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-015 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-014 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-013 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-012 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-011 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-010 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-009 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-008 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-007 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-006 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-005 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-004 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-003 Norway-Oslo-Tromso-002 Norway 2011