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Using film lenses on digital cameras

Using film lenses on digital cameras

Is it possible? Of course it is, using film lenses on digital cameras is great way to utitlise otherwise potentially redundant kit. China is already fully on board with the idea and knocking out adapters for pretty much any combination. I discovered this a good few years ago as I’ve always had Olympus OM bits and pieces lying around due to owning the trusty OM10. In the collection is a good selection of lenses including a 50mm f/1.8 which was always my favourite.   The limit of my experience to date is the Olympus OM to Canon EOS adapter – […]


Lyme Regis Storms 2014 – Post Storm Photos

Sunday 16th February 2014, the 1st day in a while we’ve been able to see the sun. The winds had died down and the rain had stopped, we decided to head to Lyme Regis and see the aftermath of the Lyme Regis Storms 2014. So here are a few shots and a thumb gallery featuring Chris, Georgie with her 2 coats and an ice cream and of course Mrs Chuckles. I decided on Black and White for the entire set as the contrast of the skies and rough seas really lent themselves well to it. As per usual I was […]