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Photoshop Action - Vintage Fade

Faded Vintage Photoshop Action

I recently realised I spend a considerable amount of time repeating steps to create the same effect in multiple images. So I’ve started playing around with creating actions in Photoshop to save me a bit of time whilst keeping all my images consistent. I’m not sure why I’ve not done this sooner… (perhaps I just enjoy the process too much?) I’ve promised myself to keep on top of things regarding naming of Actions, Layers and Adjustments – It’s so easy to let that slide and end up forever trying to find the adjustment layer that altered the setting you are […]

Using film lenses on digital cameras

Using film lenses on digital cameras

Is it possible? Of course it is, using film lenses on digital cameras is great way to utitlise otherwise potentially redundant kit. China is already fully on board with the idea and knocking out adapters for pretty much any combination. I discovered this a good few years ago as I’ve always had Olympus OM bits and pieces lying around due to owning the trusty OM10. In the collection is a good selection of lenses including a 50mm f/1.8 which was always my favourite.   The limit of my experience to date is the Olympus OM to Canon EOS adapter – […]

How to Photograph the Night sky

How to Photograph the Night Sky

Ever wondered how to photograph the night sky? You’re not alone. My wide field night sky photos always seem to get plenty of attention whether on social media, forums or at local craft fairs. Questions asked usually include, “are they real photos?” ”are they photoshopped?” and almost as often… “How do you take them?” If you own an entry level DSLR, a tripod, somewhere with relatively dark skies (the less light pollution the better) and some free time then I’m certain you can produce some good results. I’ll guide you through how to photograph the night sky. The Equipment Tripod […]